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Here Comes Sunshine

Updated: May 29, 2023

The hot and cold spring has shown a silver lining. Many of the summer's fungi have shown up early! I harvested this 18 lb Chicken of the Woods on May 17th.

In the last two weeks I've found 5 more, none even close to this guy. The real hit right now is Reishi. It came early and is the biggest bloom I have ever seen. I'll be running specials on all Reishi products. Contact me for more info. Been seeing some Boletes, Cauliflower, Umbrella Polypore, Oysters, Russulas. The Milkies and Chanterelles should start flushing in the next week or so. I don't list fresh products on the site, but if interested contact me directly. Great time to be out in the woods.! Feeds all aspects of each of us. Thanks Everyone! Young Reishi circling a Hemlock stump.

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